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By The Formies

„Nicht mehr auf alle Bremsen treten und dabei Vollgas geben“

mit Carsten Scholian, Controller, Zertifizierter Yogalehrer,Certified Formies Coach, zertifizierter Rolfer

„‚Nicht mehr auf die Bremse treten und dabei Vollgas geben’ – das war ein großes Learning. Ich dachte immer, dass ich alles alleine machen müsse. Zuerst haben wir im Kreis der Kollegen angefangen, uns offener über Gefühle auszutauschen, und diese Nähe hat eine viel intensivere Zusammenarbeit gebracht. Das hat mich dazu motiviert, tiefer zu tauchen und mein eigenes inneres Team auch an einem Strang ziehen zu lassen. Bringt Energie!“

By The Formies

When was the last time you did something ‘crazy’?

Zebib, our Certified Formies Coach, remembers the year she fully dedicated to stepping out of ‘her’ box and actively engaging in new experiences (as many first-timers and adventures she could gather), challenging her beliefs, exploring what she likes, what not and especially facing her fears:

“One day I was working at a beer garden when all of a sudden a downpour of rain came up. People started running away, some of them jumped under the big umbrellas and the rest sought shelter under the roofing at the bar counter.

Everyone was quickly tended to and so we had nothing else to do than wait until the rain passed by, while entertaining ourselves and the remaining guests. At some point, I started to feel stuck standing around in the small hut. I felt the urge to have more space. So I went out.

It was a beautiful summer rain. The river bed served as a canvas with thousands of patterns on its surface. I felt the rain on my skin, listened to the sound, noticed the smell and all of a sudden I felt a rush of pleasure, satisfaction and joy! A familiar feeling I remembered from childhood. It’s been a while. I started laughing. It was not bad at all. Why exactly were we hiding? Filled with this rush of joy, I felt the desire to experience more of the fun and craziness. I was wet already, so I might as well jump into the river. What a blast I had!

The biggest lesson learned: I can be grown up and playful, be mature enough and dare to be childlike at the same time. As long as I do it deliberately and it serves MY wellbeing. It was also very liberating to see the puzzled faces of people, which I knew were judging me on the one hand, while on the other hand questioning themselves. I realized I was free from caring what they think about me and I learned that I actually I enjoy turning people’s worlds upside down.

By The Formies

Energieinfusion pur

von Manfred Kritzler

Danke, lieber Manfred Kritzler, für diese tiefsinnige Symbiose von Weisheit und purer Schönheit. Die Schönheit auf diesem Planeten, mit der wir uns jede Sekunde verbinden können, um uns zu erden und zu stärken, damit wir nicht vom kollektiven Wahnsinn davongetragen werden 🙂



Blätter wirbeln leise
wohin der Wind sie treibt,
auf ihrer letzten Reise
hinaus aus Raum und Zeit.


Der Herbst wird sie begleiten
in voller Farbenpracht,
sie dafür vorbereiten,
wozu sie einst gemacht.


Für Werden und Vergehen,
für Schönheit und Verfall.
Dies wirklich zu verstehen
bleibt Stückwerk überall.


Doch würden wir erahnen,
dass wir nicht anders sind,
wir würden wenig planen
mehr leben wie ein Kind.


Wie die Blätter eines Baumes
ließen wir es fließen,
in der Tiefe unseres Raumes
das Sein im Jetzt genießen.


By The Formies

Make a wish Buddy Body!

Our bodies are continuously speaking to us, but with our busy lives characterized by internal and external noise we have lost the capacity to understand his messages.

Dedicate a day to tune into your physical needs. Not what you think is right, but what your body chooses. Whatever you do ask yourself: What does Buddy Body want right now? What is he trying to tell you? Try to understand and make his wish your command:

Does he want to stretch? Lay down and rest for a while? Breathe deeply into the belly? Does he feel like laughing, crying, moving?Dance slowly, or wildly shake off the tension in different areas of your body. Maybe even scream? Don’t judge. Just increase your body awareness, experiment and see how it makes you feel.

If you want to develop the quality of courage (C in CORAFA) further, dare to meet his needs regardless of where you are. Do it in public, at the office, in front of your friend, your partner.

Journal how you felt afterwards. 😉

By The Formies

Intuitive communication

A strong intuition is very beneficial in many different situations.
Out of the blue there is this inner voice. Sometimes it is a very subtle feeling and sometimes it is so strong that we can’t ignore it. This is Conscious Me.

There are great ways to train your intuition and practice differentiating between the voice of intuition and that of mind. Do this exercise during the day – Reserve the morning for your intuition and the afternoon for your reason:

Intuitive mornings: Say everything as it comes to mind – e.g. ‘This doesn’t feel right’, ‘Sure, right away’ or ‘This doesn’t suit me just now’. Don’t think much about what would be an appropriate response, act and communicate what you feel like spontaneously. Test your own reaction and those of others. How did you feel? How did others react?

Reasonable afternoons: In the afternoon only respond after a certain reflection period. Think about which reaction would be the best and only act then. How did you feel? How did others react?

Reflect the day in the evening. Which difference could you find between the intuitive morning and the reasonable afternoon? When did you feel ‘better’? When did you take which decisions? How do you assess the decisions in the evening?

By The Formies

Challenge #13 – Let go and spot the good

Do you often find yourself in a loop of criticism?

We‘re so used to judge situations, behaviors, our work and very often ourselves the most. This is Mr Mind in action. As a consequence, Her Highness Heart might experience a myriad of emotions such as, e.g. anger, frustration, inadequacy and fear, just to name a few.

Make it a habit to deliberately stop, breathe and become aware of your criticism.

Ask yourself:

  • How can I let go of this point of view and change perspective?
  • Is there anything that is good about this situation or person right now?
  • What‘s good about me? My body? My mental, social and emotional skills?
  • What‘s good about my work? My professional skills?

Train yourself to spot the good in any area. It will help you to lower pressure and free up head- and heartspace for more enjoyable things in your life.

By The Formies

Changing plans – An act of freedom

Often enough we live our lives based on decisions we have made years ago, sometimes even decades. We pursue our long-term plans for comfort or safety reasons, without questioning whether they are still in alignment with our current beliefs, needs and external circumstances.  Often times we adhere to them because we either think we don’t have another choice or we are preoccupied with what others might think and don’t dare to change our minds. These are classic cases of self-limitation.

Once you embark on your self-exploration journey and you begin to ‘Transform with the Formies’, you will find that you will change radically and fast. You will learn to check-in with yourself regularly and reassess your beliefs, your needs and your circumstances, amongst other things. You gradually free yourself from self-imposed limitations as you move along the way.

To thrive in a world of constant disruptive change, it is crucial to make developing, transforming and realigning your Formies a natural part of you.

And even though it will still be scary to revise past decisions sometimes, you will have developed the courage and the resilience to let go of limitations and allow yourself to adjust your plans in accordance to the ‘transformed you’ – regardless of what others might think.

Where are you holding on to outdated plans? Where can you allow yourself to let go and change direction? Dare to change your plans and see what happens.

By The Formies

Pressure Management

Often times we accumulate pressure without even noticing and before we know it, several days or even weeks pass by.

The pressure we carry around often expresses itself as lowered mental, emotional or physical resilience resulting in internal or external conflicts, e.g. anxiety, physical exhaustion or in situations and with people who, in fact, have nothing to do with it.

There are many quick and simple ways you can manage pressure in the inside or outside. Take time to look at our challenges and experiment with them:

Is it acute?

Challenge #1, #2 and #8 help you to calm down almost instantly.

Need space?

Challenge #6, #10 and #12 create room for relief and clarity.

Change of perspective?

Challenge #7 supports in shifting perception and focus on the positive.

Try out what works for you. This way you can assume responsibility for your wellbeing.

You will clearly see how you and your environment will benefit from it. 


By The Formies

When Mr Mind and Conscious Me empower Buddy Body

Zebib, our Certified Formies Coach loves exploring and developing her inner team by consciously engaging in new experiences. Before saying “I can’t”, she made it a habit to stop and try it out to see if that is really true. As she lives her life she encounters more and more opportunities to explore herself and her Formies.

After receiving an invitation for a breathwork session, which is supposed to give one command over the body and a subsequent ice bath to prove its effects, she didn’t think twice:

And despite deeply-rooted mental models such as “If I get cold, I will get sick.” and tremendous fears of not being able to bear the sensations of the cold, let alone the pain, she did it anyway. It was most certainly not a walk in the park, but the insights she gained about the mind and the body and especially the triumph of overcoming her mental and emotional patterns enhanced her sense of self-determination and self-confidence forever.

Even though she still prefers a warm shower, this experience is a milestone to remember, leaving her in awe about what’s possible when her inner team collaborates.

When was the last time you did a thing you were afraid of or you thought you could never do?

What have you been wanting to do, but never dared to? Instead of declining right away, pause, be courageous and see how much you are actually capable of. Empower yourself! 🙂

By The Formies

A remedy against anxiety

Ioana Marin has got it – joy discovering herself:

“Delivering ‘The United States of You’ hand-packed from Berlin to Bucharest, that’s how an empathetic author like Kathrin offers the perfect remedy to this anxiety caused by the pandemic. Not to mention the amazing illustrations, that show how simplicity is what touches our souls best. 

I find myself in the middle of the journey, but from the first pages I spotted the kindness and thoughtfulness laid on every single word. For too many times I took rides in the carousel of “What Ifs?” and listened to Mr. Mind’s avalanche of noisy thoughts. I think The Formies teach us how to live in (almost) perfect balance and to transform ourselves from ‘human doings’ to ‘human beings’. With every single chapter, you get to have those ‘AHA moments’ and understand that consciousness takes time, patience and courage and that it is a process we should exercise daily. 

I totally recommend a ‘Meet the Author’ session (be it virtually!), because Kathrin is one of those persons that you get to meet once in a lifetime, as she is the ideal ‘smile booster’ and ‘heart healer’!” 

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„Nicht mehr auf alle Bremsen treten und dabei Vollgas geben“
When was the last time you did something ‘crazy’?
Energieinfusion pur
Make a wish Buddy Body!
Intuitive communication
Challenge #13 – Let go and spot the good
Changing plans – An act of freedom
Pressure Management
When Mr Mind and Conscious Me empower Buddy Body
A remedy against anxiety