How doing ‘nothing’ can actually be doing ‘much more’


During my studies I learned that our environment is more and more characterised by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity, dynamics, diversity (vucadd). Back then this was just another abstract concept for me, however over the past years it has become veeery real in my day-to-day life.

It often felt like being sucked into a vortex of work, a flood of information and meeting the needs or expectations of others, while struggling to meet my own needs. Finding a way out was a literally dizzying experience most of the times.

As I began to establish a closer relationship with my Formies, I began to learn how to listen to all of them equally and understand their needs and desires. I’ve explored and experimented time and again for quite some time, when I realized that in order to have a great day, I needed to satisfy all of them. 

I found out that I needed little islands several times a day. Islands that serve as kind of white spaces between the paragraphs of my day where I just do ‘nothing’!

I deliberately stop the world to breathe…

I slow down my system by breathing rhythmically into my belly area. Inhaling through the nose and a long steady exhale through the mouth. Also, accompanied by sound, if that’s what my body needs to release more pressure and tension. Luckily, I’ve lost shame around behaving strange in public. My body just loves the break and responds with a pleasurable tingling. 

I look around me and see where I can find a view or something nice to focus on. 

Trees, water, animals or the sky are always a great option and mostly available. That gives me a sense of freedom and brings me into the present moment.

Then I check in with myself. How am I feeling and what is alive in me right now? What can I observe around me and what can I enjoy right now? This creates a warmth in my chest and widens it. 

These conscious actions train and satisfy all of my Formies. The more I do it, the easier, faster and much more pleasurable it becomes. Then usually I go back to work or my next meeting more balanced, energized and much more joyful. Those 15-30 min give me a boost for the next paragraph in the chapter of my day.

I receive better ideas, am much more creative, collaborative with ease, and laughter is definitely contagious.

Learn more about the vucadd environment.

Learn more about how to thrive in a vucadd environment.

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