“CORAFA-Führung” (Arbeitstitel), wird im Frühjahr bei Gabler-Springer erscheinen

Dieses Buch nimmt einen Perspektivenwechsel auf Führung und Selbstführung vor, in dem es den Menschen als ein Team bestehend aus vier Mitgliedern betrachtet, im Sinne des Max Planck zugeschriebenen Ausspruches ‚Wenn Sie die Art und Weise ändern, wie Sie die Dinge betrachten, ändern sich die Dinge, die Sie betrachten’. Das ermöglicht es, sich selbst ebenso wie Organisationen nachhaltig zu verändern. Somit bildet das Buch eine Grundlage dafür, authentische, eigenverantwortliche Führung zu stärken.

Der Leser aktiviert sein inneres Team mit den vier ICHs, bestehend aus Verstand, Körper, Herz und dem inneren Beobachter, einer Art Achtsamkeitstrainer, der Unterbewusstes ins Bewusstsein bringt. Werkzeuge und Übungen helfen ihm dabei, die Besonderheiten jedes Teammitglieds zu entdecken, Vertrauen zwischen den Teammitgliedern aufzubauen, ein effektives Miteinander zu fördern und das volle Potenzial, das jedem Menschen innewohnt, zu entfalten.

Der Leser nutzt sich selbst als Terrain zum Führen. Durch die systematische Entwicklung seiner vier inneren Teammitglieder baut er seine kognitive, emotionale und somatische Intelligenz gleichzeitig aus und steigert so diejenigen Führungsqualitäten, die in Zeiten großer Umbrüche grundlegend sind: Mut, Offenheit, Resilienz, Wertschätzung, Fokus und Umsetzungsstärke.

Toolkit for connecting with your inner team

Here you find the complete toolkit for the development of yourself. The tools help you to locate and clean up issues in your three lands. They help you to uncover blind spots. They are best applied in combination with journaling.


Tools for the Land of Mind

Here you find all tools that help you to explore your mind in order to open up your thinking and liberate yourself from self-limitations:

  • Thought Trackers
  • Mental Model Spotter
  • Self-Perception Tool
  • Tag Word Technique
  • Expectation Tracker
  • Role Swapping Tool

Tools for the Land of Heart

Here you find all tools that help you to explore your heart in order to locate and let go of emotional patterns that send you on autopilot:

  • Emotion Tracker
  • Inventory of Fears
  • Needs Tracker
  • Pain Point Tracker
  • Energy Vampire Spotter
  • Drama Scanner and Drama Self-Check

Tools for the Land of Body

Here you find the tools that help you to interact with your body and support the change of habits:

  • Mapping Pre-Determined Breaking Points
  • Change Belief – Change Habit

Issue Tracker

This tool supports the locating and letting go process of issues you find in your mind, body or heart.

  • Issue Tracker
  • Issue Tracker List

Frequently Asked Questions

  • At the beginning of your journey, you may have difficulties differentiating the voices inside you.
  • Typically, the loudest voice is Mr Mind’s voice. His advice often results in a negative judgment or separation between you and others. You tend to close down, rejecting offers, not seizing opportunities. Mr Mind often refers to negative experiences of the past. You can easiest detect him with the-tag words ‘yes, but’.
  • Mr Mind’s voice is easy to confuse with Conscious Me’s voice. Conscious Me brings different options to your attention. She opens you up. She recommends experiments without judging the outcome. Conscious Me encourages you to explore new paths.
  • Tag-words and tag-statements for her voice are: ‘Look here!’ ‘Look at this! There is something to find out.’ ‘We don’t know what it’s good for.’ ‘It is as it is.’
  • She gains your attention in a soft yet relentless way when you are about to fall back into old patterns. Sometimes, you hear her when you are about to give up the entire journey.
  • You may confuse the voice of Mr Mind with the voice of Buddy Body. Mr Mind often recommends what Buddy Body should do, and it seems to be Buddy Body’s own will. Try to talk directly to Buddy Body in order to establish a direct relationship with him. A good starting point is: ‘Thank you, Buddy Body, that you are always functioning. What a miracle.’ Most likely, you will get a reaction from Buddy Body as an answer. This is the voice of Buddy Body.
  • Her Highness Heart’s voice often correlates with a bodily sensation. This is when you hear her clearest, at least at the beginning of your journey. You may feel a lump in your stomach, or have a dry throat. Focus your attention on the part of your body that doesn’t feel well, and see what emotions are coming up while you keep focused.
  • Yes, this can happen. No worries of harmful side-effects. On the contrary, it is a good sign when you can FEEL the content of the book. It means that you are digesting and internalizing it. There are different interdependencies causing a bodily reaction.
  • The reason for your physical reactions is the cooperation between Conscious Me and Buddy Body. With some people, Conscious Me makes herself heard with a slight tickling, or warming you may feel in your body.
  • You also may feel a sudden pain in your body, triggered by Her Highness Heart. This could happen when you read about negative emotions. Reading about them could bring them to your attention. Buddy Body does his translation work and makes you aware of your emotion. This is a good starting point to dive deeper. What exactly triggered that pain?
  • When you start to read this book, Conscious Me begins to develop and grow. She has an increasing influence on you. When she thinks that you should focus on a special topic or paragraph, you feel stuck there. You cannot focus on the following pages. Just accept it and be curious of the exploration fields and experiences waiting for you on the page you seem to be stuck.
  • It also could be that you need a break. Don’t underestimate Conscious Me. She has the power of turning you upside-down. Therefore, you may need a break of some days or even weeks to stabilize your inner team until you can continue reading the book.
  • Don’t force yourself through the book. It is an exercise of listening to your inner voices and adapting your speed to your emerging needs.

At the beginning of your journey, Conscious Me is still emerging so is often unavailable for advice. The Formies coach takes the role of Conscious Me, empowering you to continue your journey. Therefore, we recommend you have bi-weekly coaching sessions at the beginning of your journey. Experienced travellers only need casual consultation and can mainly use peer learning.

It depends on how much time you dedicate to your development. If you use most of your spare time for the journey and continuously work with the Formies, you see major progress within six to twelve months.

However, the journey is not linear. It is like any growth progress in nature: it comes in phases. There may be a couple of weeks when you think that you are moving backwards, instead of forward. And one day, you take a huge leap forward towards more inner clarity and reach a new level of self-awareness.