2021 – It’s time for inner change!


The world as we knew it is gone forever. Old systems are collapsing, old ways of working are continuously failing and becoming obsolete. We are presented with great challenges that require a ‘new species’ of people who shape the 21st century. We need people who are balanced in themselves and conscious of their Self. In other words: We need CORAFAs.

CORAFAs are individuals who are Courageous, Open-minded, Resilient, Appreciative, Focused and Action-oriented.
How to become a CORAFA? You connect with your inner team, you clean up your mental and emotional patterns, you increase your inner clarity, and further develop your mental, systemic, emotional, somatic and intuitive intelligence.

This process brings authenticity and enables you to lead yourself and others into the emerging future with inner alignment and more joy.

We are a self-leadership community dedicated to authentic leadership ‘the CORAFA way’. To facilitate the self-leadership journey, we established a learning and development platform based on our unique methodology, the Formies approach.

You can train your Formies right away with our challenges, buy the book or find your personal CORAFA coach.

Get to know your Formies and transform yourself now!

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