It is great to experience how it feels to work together with conscious people. And it is great to just go ahead and create the future we want to have. That is what we do as co-creators at The Joy Academy. We use our individual strengths such as connecting people, web design, language skills, event organization to continuously extend the Joy Academy’s activities. A co-creator’s contribution can be compensated by coaching support on the self-exploration journey.
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Meet some of our co-creators


Ioana Marin, Co-Creator

“The Joy Academy and Kathrin showed me that there are leaders who walk the talk (for real) out there in this wide world. 

I believe in the “Kairos” time – the time to act here and now, to inspire and empower individuals to be forces of change. This is the main reason why I decided to become one of the JOY Academy’s Co-Creators.

We embarked on a journey to discover, connect, and share the stories of today’s Hidden Leaders who contribute to creating a more conscious future for all. “

Nina Kleiber, Co-Creator

“The Joy Academy gave me a wakeup call: I realized that life has so much more freedom and joy to offer and that I am the only one who can make sure that I truly live this life. 

As a co-creator at The Joy Academy, I get one step closer to this fulfilling life. I am grateful that I have embarked on the journey to BE myself.” 


Alisha Pruss, Co-Creator

” Life for me is the most beautiful journey I can take every day! My endless urge to discover the territory leads me to inner growth. The Joy Academy inspires me on my travel stops and offers me opportunities to constantly create myself anew 😊”