Our Mission

We are a modern network organization: the founders and Certified Formies Coaches operate out of different European countries. Together, we share insights, develop our learning platform, run workshops, conduct coaching sessions, deliver coach programs and do joint research. We leverage the full potential innate in human beings by unleashing consciousness and integrating it into daily life. We are all applying this process in our own lives enjoying the joy of becoming CORAFAs.

Inner Alignment




Kathrin Köster


Adrian Kreppel


Maria Mokler

Certified Formies Coach,


Zebib Ghile †

We cherish her memory

Carsten Scholian

Certified Formies Coach,
Tandem Learning Partner

Sabine Egger

Certified Formies Coach,
Tandem Learning Partner

Isabel Sandel

Certified Formies Coach,
Tandem Learning Partner

Prof. Dr. Kathrin Köster


Kathrin stands for innovation and creativity. She has always been attracted by otherness and the unknown. She feels inspired by different cultures and ventured out to learn Mandarin as a teenager. She fell in love with Daoism, and philosophical Confucianism when she started to study Chinese culture. When she lived and worked in Japan, she became familiar with lean production, practiced Zen Buddhism and experienced how difficult it can be to be a foreigner.

She is a bridge between the worlds: classical businesses, start-ups and academia. She thrives on transcending borders, be it between organizations or cultures.

Her passion is teaching and sharing experience. Kathrin is a teaching professional with more than 25 years of teaching experience in universities and business schools around the world. In the last years she has focused on leadership, self-leadership and the development of awareness.

As the vice-president for life-long learning of Heilbronn University (Germany) she introduced integrative approaches in work-based learning for part-time students. Her online Agile Leadership course, co-developed with Vienna University for Economics and Business (Austria) aims at building CORAFA qualities.

Dr. Adrian Kreppel


Adrian is a pioneer. He is convinced that the imaginable is doable. As a patent attorney, he has helped many of his clients to further develop their new technologies. As a trained computer scientist Adrian has ventured into artificial intelligence already in the 1990s. He always has been fascinated by self-optimizing systems.

With his IT background, Adrian approaches the subject of learning in a programming way. Adrian is a very sharp thinker who loves logic. He questions everything that seems to have a notion of inconsistency.

This makes him a very honest and effective coach. He easily identifies others’ mental programs and can help them to go beyond their self-limitations. He is like a mirror with a striking difference – he talks and gives sometimes uncomfortable feedback.

Adrian thrives on unusual ways of thinking and acting. He can live this side without being arrested as an author of suspense stories. Currently, he works in Germany and Italy.

Maria Mokler (M.A.; B.A.)

Certified Formies Coach

‘Determination, courage, resilience’ – that’s what Maria stands for.

15 years ago, she decided to leave her home country Russia and started a new in Germany. It took enormous determination to integrate herself in a foreign country without losing her own identity.

Maria loves the uniqueness of each individual waiting to be discovered and developed. She has experienced herself how different life feels when you dare to live your uniqueness. 

It is an art to make our inner diamond shine. This is what she does as a Certified Formies Coach: supporting her coachees on their winding path to their true, wise and versatile SELF. She helps especially women to become self-confident and love themselves with the power of their femininity. But also her male coachees benefit from Maria’s unconventional thinking and love her direct communication style.

Her daily leadership and coaching challenge are Maria’s two sons. Her family is a great training field and source of experience she shares with parents and their adolescent children.

Maria’s motto: ‘Never stop believing in you!’

Carsten Scholian (Certified Yoga Teacher)

Certified Formies Coach

Carsten stands for curiosity, openness and a strong desire for personal transformation.
After several years in a leading position as a controller, an inner longing brought him to yoga. He summoned all his courage and quit his job to travel through India for several months. There, he intensively engaged with the timeless wisdom of yoga.
Inspired by the journey, he began to train as a body-worker and became a practitioner in rolfing.
Carsten now lives in Vienna, where he works as Head of Controlling at a renowned business school and also runs his own yoga studio. Teaching Yoga is his passion. He also runs programs to train yoga teachers.
His special talent is to share his experiences with yoga and bodywork helping people to get connected to themselves and their inner source. With his mindfulness, he creates a space where everyone feels comfortable and feels appreciated.
As a Certified Formies Coach he goes beyond bodywork and includes mental and emotional aspects in the work of personal development. Above all, the creative Formies approach helps him to leverage self-reflection and awareness of his coachees.
With regular meditation practice and the continuous expansion of his own consciousness Carsten increasingly experiences the beauty of life in its abundance. 

His guiding principle: Follow your heart! 

Dr. med. Sabine Egger​

Certified Formies Coach

Courage comes from the heart! That’s what Sabine stands for. After 15 years of a successful clinic career including functional stomach problems and the odd status migraenosus, she reinvented herself in the midst of life. Although she was passionate about her work as an anesthesiologist, she increasingly felt suffocated by life and work in hospitals.

After her first slipped disc in her early thirties, she set out on a quest for sustainable health. Her thirst for knowledge brought her to Mind Body Medicine and the United States of You. Since then, the Formies have accompanied her on all her travels to windy beaches for kite surfing or powder slopes for skiing.

Sabine is a multi-passionate individual, a digital nomad energized by freedom. With inspirational passion she coaches others to lead a free, self-determined life full of joy. When she is not working, she is cuddling cats, reading a good book or sipping coffee with pleasure.

Isabel Sandel (M.Sc.; B.A.)

Certified Formies Coach

Isabel is ‘imaginative, idealistic, inspiring’. Her mission is to work with people, strengthening and supporting their well-being and experiencing meaningfulness together. With a B.A. in Health Promotion and M.Sc. in Communication and Industrial Psychology she often had to create demand for her talents. As an open and curious individual, Isabel kept on learning obtaining additional qualifications such as ‘Specialist for Animal Assisted Therapy, Counseling & Pedagogy’.

In the last 10 years Isabel worked mainly in a health psychology – social therapy context, with the purpose of “going on a treasure hunt with people instead of searching for mistakes; and turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones”. She particularly enjoys doing this with students as a lecturer in the Business Psychology program at Aalen University.

As a Certified Formies Coach Isabel supports her coachees in regaining their inherent power, leveraging their resources, (re-)connecting with their essence and thereby helping them to lead a life that fits their talents. Her coachees highly appreciate Isabel as an authentic, empathetic person encouraging them to BE themselves.

Expanding the network

Open Call to connect with individuals, teams or organizations who are interested in

  • doing research about leveraging consciousness in leadership (e.g. regarding consciousness maturity stages)
  • promoting the Formies approach on inner clarity and leveraging consciousness in your region or country: you are in charge of local initiatives such as translation of education resources into local languages, customization of educational programs, pilot projects at universities or schools.