The Formies Approach

The Formies approach is an integrative method for awareness building based on the ancient Far Eastern tradition of wisdom as reflected in Daoism and Buddhism, combined with insights from modern sciences, mainly quantum physics, neuro-sciences, leadership theories, psychology and pedagogy.
It guides individuals through the process of inner clean-up in order to gain clarity on who they really are. The process supports the development of mental, emotional, somatic, systemic and intuitive intelligence. Benefiting from all kind of intelligences individuals can lead themselves and others with courage, open-mindedness, resilience, appreciation, focus and action-orientation.

The Formies Approach


The toolkit for connecting with the inner team, cleaning-up & clearing-up


The comic characters


Exercises & Challenges

Inner Leadership

This German book guides you step by step through the integration of your inner team and facilitates your transformation process towards an authentic leader.

The United States of you

This English self-leadership book is joyful to read and helps you to discover your inner world. It invites you to become more authentic with numerous exercises and development challenges.

Find more information about what the Formies approach is all about and what it’s good for.

You become a high-performance team - a team that has CORAFA qualities


Getting to know your inner team – the Formies –
and learn
about each member’s language & context

Inner Cleanup &

Removing collaboration barriers:
cleaning-up mental and emotional patterns to gain inner clarity


Working as an integrated team:
unleashing and combining all inner resources including intuitive intelligence


Performing with your inner team:
leading the CORAFA-way and contribute to creative solutions

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Her Highness Heart


Buddy Body


Mr Mind


Conscious Me