“Cast off!” The motto for 2024! Why? Let’s zoom out and look at life on Earth as a game: 

Over the past millennia, people have been predominantly concerned with amassing as much matter and influence as possible. In other words, to be rich and powerful. In recent years, this game has become increasingly extreme. A relatively small group of people, consisting of a few billionaires, government officials and members of various ‘secret clubs’, want to own everything, and make disappear those who don’t want to follow their playbook. Their basic assumption: there is not enough energy – in whatever form – so energy theft is a necessity if you want to win the game.

However, the rules of the game have been changing fundamentally for around 30 years, unnoticed by most people. It’s a completely revised new edition. The rules of the game require players to behave differently if they want to be successful and the playing field itself, our planet, reacts differently. It has a significantly higher frequency. You could imagine that it vibrates in a very subtle way, constantly emitting energy we can tap into. The masters of the old game are struggling tremendously to keep everything under control to continue their old game by manipulating emotionally and staging one crisis after the other. They are addicted to their old game…

But an increasing number of new players realize that they are playing in an updated version.  They know that it is no longer about power, money and energy theft, but about #freedom, #autonomy and #radicalresponsibility. 

Those who play by the old rules resist: “This is chaos! How are we supposed to maintain control? We need structure and security. There’s no other way!” 

And yet – there is another way! With the help of a kind of referee, wise leadership helping us understand the new game. This guide does not sit in any government, but is a force in each human being: consciousness. We know it as intuitive intelligence, as a gut feeling, as knowingness. We can imagine it as a gigantic database in which everything we want to know can be retrieved. It also harbors an inexhaustible reservoir of energy. However, it is only accessible by the players who accept the new rules of the game: giving up control and fully trusting consciousness.

Really? Giving up control? Letting go of everything we know so well? Yes! It doesn’t mean that we reject everything we have learnt so far, but that we go beyond. Giving up control means: stop blindly playing according to the old rules of the game.

When the mind no longer accepts to be told what it is allowed to think and the heart no longer hides in order to nurture its fears, then there is space for the NEW. Then we can be creative and innovative and put new ideas into practice with the help of the energy that flows to us from the new playing field and the gigantic database.

New ideas on how we can live in harmony with nature. New ideas on organizations as organisms in which everyone enjoys what they do. New ideas on how to embody the principle of life.

The new players are moving across the playing field in an increasingly fearless way. They have dared to go beyond the old rules, they have ‘cast off’. The more players do this, the more palpable changes become on the entire playing field. At first, the changes are very subtle. That’s why people doubt that the new game actually exists. That’s the time for just keeping on playing! The more people learn to master the new rules of the game, the more clearly the changes become visible.

We are already seeing the beginning of new paths in medicine – away from treating the symptoms of illness towards supporting life and natural health. And yes, we will see the end of wars! 

The new rules of the game are not rules that are blindly followed. The new rules of the game are perceptible. All (new) players on the pitch feel connected. They FEEL what the other players are doing and what is good for them. This is the new ‘inbuilt’ leadership. Feeling connected puts an end to the antagonism in the old game that we were used to. Fighting and beating each other feels like self-sabotage. 

It’s our choice: we’ve got it in our hands, heads and hearts: casting off, going beyond the limitations of the old rules of the game, creating space for the new game. Together, we can get used to this freedom, which is often dizzying, and enjoy the autonomy we have gained. 

The more of us who choose the new edition of the game in 2024, who focus on the new rules and leverage the advantages of the new playing field, the more sustainable the changes will be and the sooner the old players will be deserted. 


  • Life Next Level: #freedom, #autonomy, #radicalresponsibility 
  • Full of #care – not careful

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