Clarity with Joy!

It’s time for inner change!

We need a ‘new species’ of people to shape the 21st century with its great challenges. This requires people who are balanced in themselves and conscious of their Self. In other words: We need CORAFAs.
These are individuals who are Courageous, Open-minded, Resilient, Appreciative, Focused and Action-oriented.
How to become CORAFA? You connect with your inner team, clean up mental and emotional patterns, increase your inner clarity, and further develop your mental, systemic, emotional, somatic and intuitive intelligence. This process brings authenticity and enables to lead yourself and others into the emerging future.
We are a self-leadership community dedicated to authentic leadership ‘the CORAFA way’. To facilitate the self-leadership journey, we established a learning and development platform based on our unique methodology, the Formies approach.

The Joy Academy is the right platform 

  • for people who want to discover their true (CORAFA-)Self and live a joyful life
  • for organizations that need leaders with CORAFA qualities
  • for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who want to shape the 21st century
  • for educational institutions that want to unleash the full potential of young people

Gain clarity with joy!

The Self-Leadership Process: How to Become a CORAFA


Getting to know your inner team – the Formies –
and learn
about each member’s language & context

Inner Cleanup & Clear-up

Removing collaboration barriers:
cleaning-up mental and emotional patterns to gain inner clarity


Working as an integrated team:
unleashing and combining all inner resources including intuitive intelligence


Performing with your inner team:
leading the CORAFA-way and contribute to creative solutions

What's in for you?

 „I stopped pushing the brakes while going full throttle".

Carsten’s life at work has changed significantly thanks to the Formies: he no longer feels like a lone wolf who has to cope on his own. He and his co-managers who also practice CORAFA leadership now are more open to express their feelings and what’s going on inside them. Carsten appreciates his colleagues’ support and feels much more being part of a team. That takes the pressure off and gives him energy.


Carsten Scholian, Head of Controlling, Certified Yoga Teacher, Certified Formies Coach

What do you gain?

A better understanding of yourself is essential to living a self-determined life. It’s easier to get to know yourself if you think of yourself as a team of four: Mr. Mind, Buddy Body, Her Highness Heart, and Conscious Me. Together they make up your ME – they are the four parts of you, they are your “Four Mes”, your Formies.

You learn how to become a high-performance team.



You develop a clear sense of yourself with your entire repertoire of mental models, expectations, and feelings. This inner clarity is the basis for trust, foremost in yourself.


Self-Compassion and Empathy

You learn to listen to your different inner team members and understand their respective strengths and weaknesses. Your can transfer this deep understanding to relations with others.



Inner dialogue brings full transparency to competing needs inside yourself. Your learn to prioritize your needs and act accordingly aligning thoughts, feelings and behaviour.


Clarity in Communication

With greater transparency of your needs, you can express yourself more clearly. Understanding the needs of others, you can reach out to them more effectively.



You become versed in paying attention to your inner voices. This helps you to maintain focus without losing touch with the needs of your environment.


Decision-making power

You can discuss decisions with your inner team from different angles. The inclusion of intuitive intelligence makes decision taking easier and faster.

Program Portfolio

CORAFA-qualities are developed through a guided awareness-building process, called the Formies Approach. This process requires time and regular training. It can be supported and accelerated with self-study materials, one-on-one or group coaching, workshops and certificate programs.

The selection of the most adequate path depends on the experience level of the individual. All programs can be customized for corporate academies or specific organizational needs. Apart from Coach+Hike, all programs are delivered online or hybrid, either in German or English.

If you are not sure which program is most adequate or which level is the best entry point for you, you can opt for a free 20 minutes consulting session with one of our members to gain more clarity.

Voices of people on the CORAFA path