The CORE is the travel destination of your self-exploration journey. It is your inner compass for authenticity and resilience. The source of your inner knowledge or intuition. It is the fountain of your energy, your creativity, your joy and love. This is where your personal purpose resides.

During your self-exploration journey you’ll discover and develop all four major parts of yourself to make sure that they are aligned and working together as a high- performance team: your mind, your body, your heart, and your consciousness.

When you have full access to your CORE, you are balanced and in line with yourself. You can unleash your full potential. Your Formies are fully aligned and collaborate harmoniously.

If we go back to the analogy of lands, you become the United States of YOU.

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Kathrin Koester

Joy at work

It is not a one-off experience in corporate Germany:
“ I was told by my boss to stop laughing loudly.” or you are asked by a colleague: “Why do you grin so
Smiling and laughing, expressions of joy, are still often frowned upon at the workplace. Why is this so?

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How to use your new skills
Kathrin Koester

What is a mistake?

First of all, what we tend to call a ‘mistake’ is an experience.
ℹ️ Experience is essential to build up awareness and knowledge.
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