The Land of Mind is the land we are most familiar with in our modern society.
Therefore our self-exploration journey starts with a ‘mind safari’.

Travelling through the Land of Mind means in particular detecting beliefs and stereotypes that are deeply rooted inside you. You will gain knowledge about the role of culture and how cultural standards affect your expectations. You will identify issues that are limiting you and prevent you from establishing a stable connection to your CORE.

If you feel dominated by your mind, it is a natural consequence of a basic assumption of our modern world: we still believe that the intellect is superior to our other parts, namely, the body and the heart.
On this mind safari you will bring awareness to how your mind works, you will learn to use it in your favor and consider the other parts of you as equal.

When you have only travelled the Land of Mind, you may know a lot, but you don’t feel it, neither in body nor in heart.

And thus the self-exploration journey continues…

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