Intuitive communication

Intuitive communication

A strong intuition is very beneficial in many different situations.
Out of the blue there is this inner voice. Sometimes it is a very subtle feeling and sometimes it is so strong that we can’t ignore it. This is Conscious Me.

There are great ways to train your intuition and practice differentiating between the voice of intuition and that of mind. Do this exercise during the day – Reserve the morning for your intuition and the afternoon for your reason:

Intuitive mornings: Say everything as it comes to mind – e.g. ‘This doesn’t feel right’, ‘Sure, right away’ or ‘This doesn’t suit me just now’. Don’t think much about what would be an appropriate response, act and communicate what you feel like spontaneously. Test your own reaction and those of others. How did you feel? How did others react?

Reasonable afternoons: In the afternoon only respond after a certain reflection period. Think about which reaction would be the best and only act then. How did you feel? How did others react?

Reflect the day in the evening. Which difference could you find between the intuitive morning and the reasonable afternoon? When did you feel ‘better’? When did you take which decisions? How do you assess the decisions in the evening?

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