Challenge #14: Make a wish Buddy Body!


Our bodies are continuously speaking to us, but with our busy lives characterized by internal and external noise we have lost the capacity to understand his messages.

Dedicate a day to tune into your physical needs. Not what you think is right, but what your body chooses. Whatever you do ask yourself: What does Buddy Body want right now? What is he trying to tell you? Try to understand and make his wish your command:

Does he want to stretch? Lay down and rest for a while? Breathe deeply into the belly? Does he feel like laughing, crying, moving?Dance slowly, or wildly shake off the tension in different areas of your body. Maybe even scream? Don’t judge. Just increase your body awareness, experiment and see how it makes you feel.

If you want to develop the quality of courage (C in CORAFA) further, dare to meet his needs regardless of where you are. Do it in public, at the office, in front of your friend, your partner.

Journal how you felt afterwards. 😉

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