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By Zebib Ghile

The day I learned to focus on ME

I woke up in the morning to feel my inner chaos. Once again, I was overwhelmed by a blend of desperation and powerlessness. I couldn’t see an easy way out of this mess, a state of being I was well acquainted with.

This time, it was triggered by an accident: My car was hit by a waste collection truck. Although the damage was covered by insurance, it was too much to handle for me. I couldn’t help but panic. I had to spend the little money I had to fix my broken car hoping that the insurance company wouldn’t take ages to reimburse the amount. I had to fill in all those forms, and find a solution for commuting to work while the car was in the repair shop. All this struggle just to do a job I hardly could pay my bills with. I was paralyzed and close to a total breakdown. I couldn’t think clearly and I simply couldn’t stop crying.   Read more

Reset in the evenings
The day I learned to focus on ME