When was the last time you did something ‘crazy’?


Zebib, our Certified Formies Coach, remembers the year she fully dedicated to stepping out of ‘her’ box and actively engaging in new experiences (as many first-timers and adventures she could gather), challenging her beliefs, exploring what she likes, what not and especially facing her fears:

“One day I was working at a beer garden when all of a sudden a downpour of rain came up. People started running away, some of them jumped under the big umbrellas and the rest sought shelter under the roofing at the bar counter.

Everyone was quickly tended to and so we had nothing else to do than wait until the rain passed by, while entertaining ourselves and the remaining guests. At some point, I started to feel stuck standing around in the small hut. I felt the urge to have more space. So I went out.

It was a beautiful summer rain. The river bed served as a canvas with thousands of patterns on its surface. I felt the rain on my skin, listened to the sound, noticed the smell and all of a sudden I felt a rush of pleasure, satisfaction and joy! A familiar feeling I remembered from childhood. It’s been a while. I started laughing. It was not bad at all. Why exactly were we hiding? Filled with this rush of joy, I felt the desire to experience more of the fun and craziness. I was wet already, so I might as well jump into the river. What a blast I had!

The biggest lesson learned: I can be grown up and playful, be mature enough and dare to be childlike at the same time. As long as I do it deliberately and it serves MY wellbeing. It was also very liberating to see the puzzled faces of people, which I knew were judging me on the one hand, while on the other hand questioning themselves. I realized I was free from caring what they think about me and I learned that I actually I enjoy turning people’s worlds upside down.

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