Uncertain times call for certain skills


As human beings we tend to like certainty and security.
Hence, these times call for particular skills of understanding and regulating one’s own emotions and those of others.But how would that look like?

Check-in with yourself first thing in the morning:
How do I feel right now and why?
Identify the emotions you have when you start your day. They are kind of the first wave that carries you into your day.
What do I need to feel a little bit better now before I leave the house?
By creating positive emotions right in the morning you set the proper foundation and your whole day will gain a different quality and so will your interactions.

Check-in with yourself when you meet with others:
When you are, e.g. at work, with friends, with family or at the supermarket,
you can check-in with yourself by asking the following questions:

Am I adding balance, excitement or stress to the environment right now?
How is my body language at the moment?
Whether you are calm or restless, your body language will have an inevitable effect on the people around you.
It is good to be aware of your body language to understand yourself and the reactions of others.

What emotions do I convey my interactions and which energetic traces do I leave?
Do I create positive or negative emotions in my conversations? Within myself and others?
Where do I put my focus on? Do I find things to complain about or things to appreciate?
Whether you choose positive or negative topics in your conversations will determine the feeling you and others will have in the moment and afterwards.

A good way to cross-check your energetic traces is by observing how people feel with and around you?

How do people feel when I am with them, at the end of our conversation and when they see me again?
How people feel around you is a good indicator of the energy you emit and how they perceive you.

If you are really courageous, you can ask people who you know will be honest with you for their perceptions and how they feel about you.

Try this out for at least a week and let us know what your observations were.

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