Trust in your path – go, go, go

Path to yourself
You are all in: cleaning up your inside, peeling off layer after layer of mental programs and emotional patterns that keep you small and in the victim role.
You located many of your old beliefs like ‘no manager position no value in society’. You have faced many of your fears like saying ‘no’ to a colleague who always tries to make you part of her dramas.
You have managed to set you free from many issues that used to have power over you.
And now, you are gearing up and act in a new way! Upon your increased clarity, you know what you want. You want a job where you can have a positive impact – with students. You want to live in another country with a milder climate and friendlier people. So, you apply for new jobs, you go to another country and you are so proud of yourself, so confident that you are right on track to a more fulfilled life.
Your job applications don’t work, an email does not even arrive, you get rejections. The project in the country you have chosen does not deliver what it promised. How can this be? Doubts are creeping up again: the mind tortures you with comments like “why haven’t you played it safe. You could have avoided this disappointment…” Fears are kicking in: what if this whole self-realization / self-empowerment thing doesn’t work at all?
All is well! You are experiencing a milestone on your journey to yourself. Your mind often tricks you making you believe that you want certain situations or things. But is this really what you need for growing further? Or is this just a typical human dream that is deeply engrained in you from Hollywood or Bollywood movies?
Remember in those moments: in 100 per cent of your time you create 100 percent of your reality. So, take responsibility for your creation and rest assured: there is something precious in it for you to learn. This (awkward) situation is something YOU created for yourself to detect more patterns, to free yourself further. No one is doing anything to you. It’s your own Core Cloud, your Higher Self, that is leading you. You are leading yourself.
Now, do you trust yourself, even if the result seems to be not what you expected it to be?
That’s the challenge at this part of your journey. Always remember: even if the reasons are not obvious, the journey is providing you just the experiences you need, even if they are inconvenient or painful.
This leg of your journey is like a rebirth: as anyone knows who has given birth, it’s a painful undertaking. The new, integrated, self-realized YOU is a new YOU.
You are walking down the path of giving birth to yourself. There is a stretch in this path that looks rather dark. Although you are cleaning up pattern after pattern, things don’t turn out the way you wish them to have. Why? Because there are hidden blockages that still need to be addressed. And your C-Cloud created the perfect circumstances to get those issues out of the way.
If you feel like crying, go to the laughing loop and look at this cosmic joke you have created!
Keep on walking down the path – go, go, go!

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