Believe in the (yet) Unseen – By Ioana Marin

4 leaf
“What you seek is seeking you”- says Rumi, the famous Persian poet and Sufi master. But how can you seek or see what is seeking you if you have your eyes closed? The two eyes that help you explore the world around you?
In my childhood days, my Grandma used to challenge me to search for the miraculous four-leaf clover. That was her wise (and efficient) magic trick that made a restless child focus and stand still for a while.
Even if this game was based on good and pure intentions, it used to bring a lot of frustration and despair: “Why am I not able to find the magic clover? Does it really exist or is it pure fiction, the product of my Grandma’s imagination? Maybe luck is just a lie adults tell themselves. ”
However, life always finds a way to demolish your childhood patterns. Last weekend, I went with my friends at a Jazz concert that took place at the Botanical Garden, the home of flowers and plants. I felt mesmerized by the peaceful music and all the greenness around me, when something suddenly teleported me back into my childhood garden: there was a massive clover field right in front of me. I was there, in my green playground (without Grandma, this time), but with a different energy: here, now, I was not searching feverishly for the unfindable clover. I was at peace, I was present, I was in a state of “not looking”, but in a state of “seeing”: and there it was – the little almighty four-leaf clover, revealing itself to me. Catching my eye! There it was: my clover, waiting for me.
It seems that only when I decided to step into that “Portal to Presence” I was able to find it. Only after I released the “I have to, I must, I should, Why can’t I?” energy and replaced it with “I am”. With that came the realization that when you believe, you trust, and you surrender to presence, you are actually able to make space for seeing the (yet) Unseen.
Approximately 1 in 10,000 clover has a four-leafed mutation. It is said that Egyptians used to offer newlyweds four-leaf clovers in order to bless their marriage. The bearer of such a spectacular clover will achieve balance, the basis to a happy life. Four-leaf clovers are said to be symbols of four main areas in our lives: faith, love, hope, and good fortune. Four leaves of our Identity, the Four MEs (Formies):
Mind, Heart, Body and Consciousness. And isn’t balance – the alignment of all these four inner leaves – the
Holy Grail we are all looking for?
Be patient. Four-leaf clovers (sometimes in human form) can unfold before your eyes. If it’s rare and precious, for sure it will not be an easy catch. But never question its existence. You exist. You are valuable. You are one-of-a-kind. You are hard to find. You’re the four-leaf clover someone is looking for.
Just keep your eyes open and believe in the Unseen.
What does the four-leaf clover represent for you? Is it Luck? Is it Hope? Is it Belief? Is it a Miracle? Or is it just your Self, manifesting the reality you’re looking for?

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