Transforming with the Formies


Transformations usually either begin with external circumstances forcing them (we all know how this feels by now) or with deliberate questions, such as ‘Am I really where I want to be right now?’ or ‘Am I heading to where I want to be?’

If the answer is no, you can ask yourself: Where do I want to be instead?  You might not know immediately. That’s okay. What is it that you don’t want in your life right now? Create a list and specify. What’s the opposite or what would you prefer instead? How would that look like? Envision and rewrite it into a positive list.  Are there actions you can implement right away? What do you need to break down into smaller actions to bring about the changes into your daily life?

As you experiment you can observe what you don’t like, find out what you prefer and make the changes accordingly. Don’t forget to celebrate the little changes along the way. Every little accomplishment adds to the process.

Every now and then, rest and make time to take score: what has changed so far? How did it go? What needs some readjustment? Acknowledge how far you’ve come and laugh about the loops. It nourishes you while giving you more stamina for your journey.

With the Formies you and your life will gradually transform in a sustainable manner.

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