Over the last few centuries, the Western World, where societies are dominated by economy, has neglected the importance of the heart. Our schools and universities teach models based on Homo Economicus whose behavior is not influenced by emotions at all. It is a model based on pure reason assuming the superiority of the mind. We are educated to deny or ignore our emotions (in particular in the business context) for the sake of professionalism and efficiency.

Although we are all used to emotional ups and downs, we don’t appreciate that emotions can be systematically explored. In the same way that we are driven by a chatty mind, we tend to be victims of our emotions, which in turn are triggered by our environment.

Travelling through the Land of Heart means you become familiar with the entire spectrum of your emotions. You will learn to identify, explore and understand your emotional patterns, e.g. negative emotions, fears, needs, etc.. You will gain insights into what you really feel and how your emotions, thoughts and body interact.

There’s no shortcut around the Land of Heart. We must know it very well in order to understand ourselves and to establish a stable connection to our CORE.

A prerequisite of alignment, thus access to the CORE is a clear understanding of each land with its particularities and a harmonious cooperation between them. Hence, you have to bring inner balance to each land and establish a collaboration between their representatives, which you will meet shortly…

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