My self-exploration journey with the Formies


I am innately curious and I wanted to be free – mentally, emotionally and physically. 

Since I already had been on my inner journey and deliberately developing before, I knew that developing my consciousness or personal development, was one of the great keys for inner and outer freedom.

With eagerness and curiosity, I  began the transformational journey with the Formies, the book ‘The United States of You’ and Kathrin Köster, as their creatrix and my coach.

The book was kind of my bible, I took it with me everywhere I went. It combines theories closely with relevant practices for experimental and experiential learning, which I did whenever and wherever I could. I was dedicated to myself, to learning, developing and my inner adventures.

I systematically travelled the lands of mind, my body and my heart to gradually unravel unconscious limiting beliefs, fears and deep conditioning from my past. Those had all been lingering in my subconscious for such a long time without me being aware of them, however, they had been heavily influencing and in some cases completely blocking me from being free in my thinking and my behaviour.

As I went on travelling deeper into my lands, taking a closer look and exploring my issues, I “crossed borders” many times. It’s kind of funny, in retrospect. It means, the issues I, e.g. thought were situated in the land of my body were in fact rooted in the land of my heart, meaning undetected and suppressed emotions then began expressing themselves, causing symptoms in my body.

No matter how daunting the realisations and the emotions I faced might have been, I had to courageously march forward. From my own experience, I know that transforming oneself is not a walk in the park, but I also know that the act of freeing myself from limitations is always rewarding once I get to ‘the other side’. 

Getting to know myself, taking responsibility for my issues and doing a proper internal cleanup are the only way towards an intentional life characterised by sustainable balance, true freedom and overflowing joy.

I want to be free. No matter what. In any aspect of my life.

Learn more about the Formies approach, how to become a coach yourself and buy the book.

It’s time to start your inner clean-up! 

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