Changing plans – An act of freedom


Often enough we live our lives based on decisions we have made years ago, sometimes even decades. We pursue our long-term plans for comfort or safety reasons, without questioning whether they are still in alignment with our current beliefs, needs and external circumstances.  Often times we adhere to them because we either think we don’t have another choice or we are preoccupied with what others might think and don’t dare to change our minds. These are classic cases of self-limitation.

Once you embark on your self-exploration journey and you begin to ‘Transform with the Formies’, you will find that you will change radically and fast. You will learn to check-in with yourself regularly and reassess your beliefs, your needs and your circumstances, amongst other things. You gradually free yourself from self-imposed limitations as you move along the way.

To thrive in a world of constant disruptive change, it is crucial to make developing, transforming and realigning your Formies a natural part of you.

And even though it will still be scary to revise past decisions sometimes, you will have developed the courage and the resilience to let go of limitations and allow yourself to adjust your plans in accordance to the ‘transformed you’ – regardless of what others might think.

Where are you holding on to outdated plans? Where can you allow yourself to let go and change direction? Dare to change your plans and see what happens.

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