Challenge #12: Blue against the blues


Program yourself for inner balance: when you wake up, your first thought is:

Dive into the blue sky

Make it a ritual 3 times a day to pause, and follow your motto of the day: in the morning, midday, evening

Step out of your home office into the garden or park, or look out of the window. If it’s cloudy, focus on a small spot of blue.

Do you see how blue the sky is? Inhale the colour. Refresh yourself with this beautiful blue.

Feel: the peace at least for some minutes.

Think: great, that I can enjoy the clear blue sky.

‘Blue against the blues’ is your new routine to align your inner team for more balance. And there is something positive everywhere: in these days of disruptive change, we can benefit from the sky that has never been so blue in the past years J


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