It is not a one-off experience in corporate Germany: “ I was told by my boss to stop laughing loudly.” or you are asked by a colleague: “Why do you grin so stupidly?” Smiling and laughing, expressions of joy, are still often frowned upon at the workplace. Why is this so?

The answer lies in our beliefs. We are brought up with truths such as:
✖️People that are laughing at work are not committed.
✖️People who laugh don’t take work seriously.
✖️You don’t get done anything with people who just wanna have fun…

Is this true, or is this a biased perception, a prejudice❓
If you think of your own experience: aren’t you best when you feel joy, when you feel content, when you are in full swing?

✅ We are absolutely convinced that JOY is a productive and creative force. A force that helps us connect to our Self and others.
It takes hardly any financial investment in contrast to technology.
It just takes your firm decision to ALLOW yourself to feel it and express it!

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