Certified Formies Coaches at work!


Vienna last weekend: celebrating success and freedom among ‘Masters of Life’ 🙂

·      Zebib Ghile dived deeply into the interrelations between her mind, body and heart, and can now fully benefit from one of her master skills: reading the atmosphere in a team or the emotional state of her counterpart, thus enabling others to turn negative into positive energy.

·      Maria Mokler got rid of her fear of being different and has discovered an unexpected talent: she is a gifted artist drawing beautiful sketches. And she gets energy from helping others to be more self-confident.

·      Carsten has finally gained inner distance from his nagging voice telling him that he wasn’t good enough. With his joyful attitude to work, he helps others with yoga and rolfing to become more relaxed and balanced.

 If you are determined, you can break through your inner blockages, and leverage skills you did not even know you have.

 ‘Transform with the Formies’ brings people to the next level – another proof of concept 🙂

Find out more: https://joy-academy.eu/programs/#certified-formies-coach

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