When Mr Mind and Conscious Me empower Buddy Body


Zebib, our Certified Formies Coach loves exploring and developing her inner team by consciously engaging in new experiences. Before saying “I can’t”, she made it a habit to stop and try it out to see if that is really true. As she lives her life she encounters more and more opportunities to explore herself and her Formies.

After receiving an invitation for a breathwork session, which is supposed to give one command over the body and a subsequent ice bath to prove its effects, she didn’t think twice:

And despite deeply-rooted mental models such as “If I get cold, I will get sick.” and tremendous fears of not being able to bear the sensations of the cold, let alone the pain, she did it anyway. It was most certainly not a walk in the park, but the insights she gained about the mind and the body and especially the triumph of overcoming her mental and emotional patterns enhanced her sense of self-determination and self-confidence forever.

Even though she still prefers a warm shower, this experience is a milestone to remember, leaving her in awe about what’s possible when her inner team collaborates.

When was the last time you did a thing you were afraid of or you thought you could never do?

What have you been wanting to do, but never dared to? Instead of declining right away, pause, be courageous and see how much you are actually capable of. Empower yourself! 🙂

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