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Become a modern Master of Life (M.L.)

Gaining a better understanding of yourself is essential for mastering yourself and your life. It’s easier to get to know yourself when you consider yourself as a team of four: Mr Mind, Buddy Body, Her Highness Heart, and Conscious Me. Together, they form YOU – they are the four parts of you, they are your FOUR Mes, your Formies.

You learn to manage yourself as if you were managing a team – your personal high-performance team.


Increase self-confidence

Individuals develop a clear view of themselves and strengthen access to their intuition through ‘Conscious Me’. They gain a clearer view of their emotions and are no longer on autopilot. The individuals have a better understanding of who they are and how they (re)act. They recognize and feel the connection to their inner knowledge and build trust in themselves. They become more courageous.

Foster an attitude of self-reflectiveness and empathy with others

The individuals experience great diversity inside them and learn to accept particularities, strengths, and weaknesses of each Formie. This acceptance of differences and the use of diversity can be transferred to relations with others. Individuals can more easily change perspectives without judging. They become more open.

Align self-perception with external perception

The internal dialogue with the Formies enables individuals to understand what exactly is happening inside them. Internal contradictions, especially contradictory needs, can be identified and ‘experienced’ easily. The inner dialogue allows individuals to detect blind spots and discuss perceived weaknesses or issues with others in an objective way. This increases the individual’s resilience.

Enhance effective communication

With the help of the Formies, individuals gain greater clarity about their inner motivation and what motivates others. They can use these insights to express themselves better. They typically also have greater skills in listening, as they are trained in listening to their ‘inner voices’, the voices of their Formies. This makes them more appreciative.

Strengthen mindfulness

Individuals learn to get tuned in to the needs of their different parts. During their self-exploration, they gain more experience of differentiating between the voices and deliberately tune in to a pre-selected voice. This improves the power to focus attention and to stay focused. Developed consciousness leads to improved mindfulness. This increases the ability to put full energy on one task – without losing touch with the environment. The individuals are more focused.

Improve decision-making

A better connection to inner knowledge enhances decision-making power. Individuals can enter into an inner dialogue regarding a decision they need to make, consulting with all Formies, including Conscious Me. Strengthened access to their intuition makes them more confident in making decisions and improves the quality of their decisions. This helps them to be more action-oriented.

Any of our programs are self-leadership programs that bring you closer to becoming a Master of Life (M.L.) with CORAFA-qualities: courageous, open-minded, resilient, appreciative, focused and action-oriented.

This makes Masters of Life agile leaders in a dynamic world full of disruptive changes.

Coach + Hike

Who says that personal and group development is best done sitting in a closed room? Walking helps to clarify our thoughts. This effective format combines physical movement with mental and emotional clean-ups and clear-ups.

The venue is spectacular: One of our coaching bases is a peaceful retreat adjacent to the Southern end of the Maremma, Tuscany’s large nature reserve. With its astonishing views that can be enjoyed while exploring the trails, the place is full of energy and tranquillity at the same time.

For individuals, groups of friends, or organizational teams on a quest to enter the next level of trust and performance.

Number of participants: 1-6 people

Duration: 1-3 days, all year round

Contact us to plan your Coach + Hike experience


Certified Formies Coach Program

A movement needs many leaders! We get closer to our vision with more people on their journey towards becoming a Master of Life. Although the method to gain inner balance and break free from self-limitations and expectations from others is simple, it takes experience and practice to master it.

We have developed a program for individuals who are open-minded and would like to dive deeper into their personal mastery. Individuals who have successfully taken part in this program qualify to take on the role of a Certified Formies Coach .

The program comprises of 5 modules delivered within 6 months. It is designed as a learning journey. Currently, program delivery is entirely online, with group coaching and webinars, peer coaching, tandem learning, one-on-one coaching, and journaling-based self-reflection.

We conduct annual network meetings in Tuscany (Italy) for the program participants to have the space for personal interaction.


You find the program details here:


Clarity Jams

Clarity Jams are a series of workshops designed to accelerate personal growth. They are designed to help people to gain inner balance, to free themselves from self-limitations and increase their emotional intelligence.

They are a mixture of impulse sessions for inspiration, individual exercises, and peer-to-peer exchange. They can be attended stand-alone or combined as a series.

Participants gain more self-awareness and get connected with a community of like-minded and like-hearted people.

  • Clarity Jam ‘Lost on your way?‘

This workshop helps you to discover the path to yourself.

  • Clarity Jam ‘Next level mindset’

This workshop helps you to become aware of self-limiting beliefs and to overcome them.

  • Clarity Jam ‘The power of emotions’

This workshop helps you to ‘unchain your heart’. If you master your emotions, you move out of the victim role and comfort zone.

  • Clarity Jam ‘Build up resilience’

This workshop helps you to gain better access to your body intelligence.



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