Joy AcademyJoy Academy

    by The Formies

    Carsten bridges the worlds: He is a controller and a seasoned yoga teacher. He loves inner peace and is passionate about breaking free from self-made limitations. „Since I’ve been working with my Formies, I’ve become more familiar with my mental programs full of self-doubts: am I good enough? Is it right what I’m doing? I am getting more courageous to dive into new experiences and just let go my dear old friends, my doubts. I’m allowing myself just to BE.” Advice to co-travellers: The way forward leads beyond your comfort zone. Listen to the voices of your body and your heart as well, even if it’s painful at the beginning.

    The Formies
    About The Formies
    The Formies are your inner team. Mr Mind with his thoughts, Buddy Body with his physical sensations, Her Highness Heart with her emotions, and Conscious Me with her observations and guidance. Knowing them and making them collaborate means developing yourself towards the next level: a self-aware, balanced and autonomous individual.
    Self-explorer #8 – Carsten Scholian, Vienna