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    by The Formies

    Anca Banita is passionate about traveling – into her inside and into other countries. She loves to explore the unknown and is intrigued by the power of awareness. “The CORE exercise brought me in touch with the beauty and wisdom I am carrying inside. I noticed elegance, warmth and peace. I was in flow – I had gotten home. What an amazing feeling! In that moment, an inner voice said: „This will be hard to repeat.“ It was the voice of Mr Mind. Then, a second voice tuned in: „What if it was easy?“ It was the first time I felt bigger than my self-limiting patterns.“

    My advice to co-travellers: „Face every moment with presence and curiosity about what’s actually there, not some expectation of the mind. Sometimes, the lessons we have to learn are completely different than what you would have thought in the first place.“

    The Formies
    About The Formies
    The Formies are your inner team. Mr Mind with his thoughts, Buddy Body with his physical sensations, Her Highness Heart with her emotions, and Conscious Me with her observations and guidance. Knowing them and making them collaborate means developing yourself towards the next level: a self-aware, balanced and autonomous individual.
    Self-Explorer #5 – Anca Banita, Bucharest