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    by The Formies

    by Klára Denzin

    My relationship to Buddy Body was basically like my relationship to my kids’ birthday cakes. I decorated him passionately, especially for special occasions. I spent a lot of time and money to find the best chocolate coating for him. The decoration was always creative, nice to look at.
    But it seemed I couldn’t influence the baking process. Mysterious circumstances determined whether the cake had just the right consistence or would fall apart when being cut into pieces. It seemed to be a combination of factors like my oven, the baking tin, the temperature of the ingredients and my baking mood that ‘made or broke the cake’. Most of the time, though, I managed quite well to delight my little guests with pretty and tasty cake creations.

    That’s how Buddy Body was for me: the outside was decorated with a lot of joy and effort. For the inside, I just hoped for the best. I requested a lot from him, two or three flights a month, long car journeys, unhealthy hotel meals, rushing from one appointment to the other. This was due to my job and my duties as a parent. Buddy Body was always loyal and patient with me. He seldom muffled. In recent years, however, he tuned up the volume: after my office move, and an alpine tour by bike, Buddy Body went on strike and didn’t want to play along anymore.

    But since I wanted to keep Buddy Body as a buddy for a long time, I started looking for new ways. How can I keep him happy and still be active as an international trainer? I went to Judit for a whole foods cooking seminar and to a Chinese Grandmaster for Qigong lessons. There, I learned new methods that allow me to feel good and balanced.
    I thank Buddy Body for carrying me. Challenge #4 motivates me every morning to keep in mind that Buddy Body is not a birthday cake that you decorate, but a very important, good and faithful friend. I want to take care of him to maintain a good relationship with him. I still have a lot to do – hand in hand with Buddy Body.

    The Formies
    About The Formies
    The Formies are your inner team. Mr Mind with his thoughts, Buddy Body with his physical sensations, Her Highness Heart with her emotions, and Conscious Me with her observations and guidance. Knowing them and making them collaborate means developing yourself towards the next level: a self-aware, balanced and autonomous individual.
    My version of Challenge #4 – Thanks to Buddy Body!