A remedy against anxiety


Ioana Marin has got it – joy discovering herself:

“Delivering ‘The United States of You’ hand-packed from Berlin to Bucharest, that’s how an empathetic author like Kathrin offers the perfect remedy to this anxiety caused by the pandemic. Not to mention the amazing illustrations, that show how simplicity is what touches our souls best. 

I find myself in the middle of the journey, but from the first pages I spotted the kindness and thoughtfulness laid on every single word. For too many times I took rides in the carousel of “What Ifs?” and listened to Mr. Mind’s avalanche of noisy thoughts. I think The Formies teach us how to live in (almost) perfect balance and to transform ourselves from ‘human doings’ to ‘human beings’. With every single chapter, you get to have those ‘AHA moments’ and understand that consciousness takes time, patience and courage and that it is a process we should exercise daily. 

I totally recommend a ‘Meet the Author’ session (be it virtually!), because Kathrin is one of those persons that you get to meet once in a lifetime, as she is the ideal ‘smile booster’ and ‘heart healer’!” 

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