Challenge #4: Vertical development the joyful way


The world is getting more intense by the day. Everyday we are presented with new challenges wanting to be tackled at high speed: new regulations and restrictions, which heavily disrupt our families (home office and home schooling), our relationships, our colleagues, customers, our businesses – in short, our lives and any routine in it.

Such psychological strains from constant pressure and high levels of alertness take their toll on our bodies. It becomes very clear: self-care is not an option anymore – It is a necessity to remain resilient and especially have some quality of life.

The more we take care of our bodies, release stress and strengthen it through, regular rest, meditation, high quality nutrition, exercise, fun activities, such as pursuing a hobby or soothing activities like spending time in nature or creating art, the more it will be able to endure and deal with everything that it faces with ease and possibly even joy.

A strong and vital body is the foundation for wellbeing, success and joy in any area of your life.

For the next two weeks try to take good care of your body daily and observe how your performance, interactions, your relationships are affected.

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