Navigating through the States of You


By now you have gotten an overview of your three lands and the CORE that are just waiting to be explored by you. You have gotten to know their representatives, your Formies, the personifications of your mind, body, heart and consciousness. You are now ready to get to know your personal navigation system: the L-Loops.

The L-Loops provide you with a structure and an orientation to guide you through your journey towards effective self-observation and more consciousness. They provide the framework for all your discovery activities and are a blueprint for your self-management:

Locating – your self-made limitations

Letting Go – of your mental and emotional patterns

Learning –  about yourself and your issues by reflecting

Laughing – about yourself and the funny side of life

Leveraging – your insights gradually to changed behaviour

Loving – the entire process and the consciousness status you have achieved

When life becomes turbulent it is a fun way to keep track of your self-exploration journey at all times.

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