Honoring Her Highness Heart 


Her Highness Heart continuously communicates to us through Buddy Body.

What we feel emotionally is always felt as bodily sensations first.

In the western societies, however, we often don’t understand what she is is trying to say.

She usually starts off with soft whispers and when neglected for too long, she tends to increase the volume. The result: unpleasant feelings.

These are the ones we usually don’t want. We try to move away and distract ourselves.

Leaving Her Highness Heart feeling even more unheard and abandoned.

Emotions matter – Our feeling of being capable in the world and our emotional strength is directly tied to our capacity to move through and experience those unpleasant feelings. As part of our emotional intelligence this can be developed:

1. Make the choice to stay present and not avoid your feelings anymore. Become curious and explore them.

2. Move through them. Start to embrace and experience the feelings deliberately.

3. Surf the waves. Feelings are temporary (the bio-chemical rush lasts for 60-90 seconds).

When you establish a relationship with your Her Highness Heart and support her in her development, she will reward you with growing confidence, emotional strength and resilience.

Over time she will open up the path to more and more pleasant feelings and you becoming more fully you!

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