Changing your life with the Formies


How does your life look like?

Are you satisfied with it? Changing your life is a complex matter.

Where do you start and how do you go about it? What would you like to cultivate more of in your daily life and what would you rather like to change? It can be quite difficult to answer these questions.

To get your answers in a systematic manner and to not get lost, you can navigate through your Land of Mind, Land of Body and your Land of Heart and engage each of your Formies in a conversation.

You will be surprised to hear what each of them has to say and you might find out that their answers may divert from each other quite a lot. The goal is to become conscious about how they are doing and make them collaborate with each other. This is how you can actively improve your personal wellbeing and influence your life on a daily basis.

If you want to dive deeper into your personal development, ‘The United States of You‘ is a whole book dedicated to serve you as a travel guide. You will find authentic stories of fellow travelers who have dared to change their lives by embarking on their self-exploration journey and lots of in-depth tools.

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