Authenticity as a key success factor


Part of our ethos at the Joy Academy is that all our coaches not only understand and utilize our approach to leverage consciousness, but rather embody and convey it in their unique and authentic way. 

Zebib believes that authenticity is a key success factor in many areas. 

She loves to lead by example and inspire with her whole being. That’s how she spreads her stardust wherever she goes.

For her that’s an essential way to initiate and facilitate transformation, be it in individuals, teams, organizations and the world at large. 

Her stardust has, indeed, touched the lives of many people so far and there‘s Oskar, as one of them, sharing his perception with us:

“I’ve been working alongside Zebib, seeing how she spreads positive energy around her in every interaction. She meets people with an empathic, curious and open mind and manages to make people feel seen, heard and appreciated. She is a great teacher and coach in what it means to be human.”

Oskar Malm Wiklund
Community Building & TechNorrsken Foundation

Thank you for sharing, Oskar! ☺️

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