Getting ready for take-off


Done – I quit my job! That was far from being easy. Somehow, I felt a sense of guilt and developed a bad conscience about letting down my bosses and colleagues. Actually, I did like going to work, didn’t I? Gosh, I was completely crazy. Should I really leave? But giving up my apartment was even worse! At first, it was hard to let go of my furniture and personal things and I said to myself: ‘This is just a carpet and even without this carpet you are still yourself!’ Gradually, I realized that my furniture was made for this apartment and my present life. This helped me to let go. It was even liberating to sort out my wardrobe. I was really glad to see that I developed ease in just giving things away and making others happy.

Packing never has been my strength. In the past, I regularly messed up with packing my suitcase and always waited until the last moment. I never thought that giving things away would be easier for me than packing everything else I wanted to put in a storage! I felt overwhelmed by chaos…

I was angry at myself because I was standing in my own way, taking away the last bit of my energy. I felt deadly tired but couldn’t sleep because I hadn’t finished packing – a vicious circle! Ah, I remembered what could help: breathing, deep breaths, and take one step after the other. It’s not easy to keep Mr Mind in check who is already thinking about an early end of my journey. His thoughts are contagious for Her Highness Heart who suddenly doesn’t want to leave this beautiful apartment and the familiar surroundings after all…

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