It’s coming to an end – 2020 – a year of great global disruption.

Almost everyone had been affected by the global pandemic in one way or another.

How about taking your journal and reviewing it through the eyes of your Formies?

Which limitations and possibilities did Mr Mind experience this year? 

Which beliefs about life, your work, your relationships and yourself changed? Where did you broaden your horizon about what’s actually possible and learn something new?

How did Buddy Body keep up with the changes in his environment?

Online meetings, home office, lockdown, face masks, etc..

Or does he even feel better than ever?

How did Her Highness Heart handle drastic changes and limitations? 

Which emotions surfaced and what did you do to handle them? Did you manage to feel good despite the frenzy?

Conscious Me is the perfect ally in finding insights about the others.

What were their highlights? What their lowlights? What did you learn about yourself? What are you grateful for? What went very well? Which conclusions do you draw about your life and how do you want it to be?

End your 2020 with more self-awareness and start 2021 with more self-determination!