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by Maria Kej

And there I was – half-naked, in the middle of the bathroom. Out of the blue, I heard my inner voice that struck me like thunder:

When will you finally stop carrying this heavy burden of negativity with you? You are always waiting to be happy. And the others are to blame for it not happening. Stop suffering, damn it!”

I entered the shower like hypnotized and asked the water to wash off my heavy burden and let it disappear in the drain.

Much to my surprise, it worked. I feel like I’ve been freed from a big lid: All is clearer, and my feelings are much more intense. Now, life is much easier. It’s my children and my husband who seem to be in shock now – they are no longer scolded. They are perceived as who they are, and not as who they should be…

I can enjoy the little things in life. I’m shining and want to share my light with others.

Am I drunk? No. I am finally happy!

Maria Kej
About Maria Kej
Maria has embraced consciousness not only in her role as the Consciousness Ambassador for the Russian speaking world, but also as a mother of two little kids. Since she has been cooperating with Conscious Me in parenting tasks, the relation to her children has reached a new level of intensity. Her personal growth contributes to a better life: she is more relaxed, more productive in her freelancer work, and the whole family is happier.
Thunder in the bathroom