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You’ll be happy to see that there is one team member, Conscious Me, that never let’s you down. It’s always there for you with precious advice. Conscious Me encourages and empowers you to go beyond limitations.

With the help of your grown consciousness, you will be able to unleash your full potential. You will gain stable access to your essence, your CORE, where your inner knowledge and your creativity resides.


The book ‘The United Sates of You’ is a Do-It-Yourself guide to gain more knowledge about yourself, and the issues that block the access to inner balance and inner knowledge.

Here you find the complete toolkit for the development of yourself. The tools help you to locate and clean up issues in your three lands. They help you to uncover blind spots. They are best applied in combination with journaling.

Tools of Land and Mind

  • Here you find all tools that help you to explore your mind in order to open up your thinking and liberate yourself from self-limitations: Thought Trackers, Mental Model Spotter, Self-Perception Tool, Tag Word Technique, Expectation Tracker, Role Swapping Tool

Tools for the Land of Body

  • Here you find the tools that help you to interact with your body and support the change of habits:

Mapping Pre-Determined Breaking Points, Change Belief – Change Habit

Tools for the Land of Heart

  • Here you find all tools that help you to explore your heart in order to locate and let go of emotional patterns that send you on autopilot: Emotion Tracker, Inventory of Fears, Needs Tracker, Pain Point Tracker, Energy Vampire Spotter, Drama Scanner and Drama Self-Check

Issue Tracker

This tool supports the locating and letting go process of issues you find in your mind, body or heart.

  • Issue Tracker
  • Issue Tracker List



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