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About the Founders

Prof. Dr. Kathrin Köster


Kathrin stands for innovation and creativity. She has always been attracted by otherness and the unknown. She feels inspired by different cultures and ventured out to learn Mandarin as a teenager. She fell in love with Daoism, and philosophical Confucianism when she started to study Chinese culture. When she lived and worked in Japan, she became familiar with lean production, practiced Zen Buddhism and experienced how difficult it can be to be a foreigner.

She is a bridge between the worlds: Traditional businesses, start-ups and academia. She thrives on transcending borders, be it between academic disciplines, organizations, or cultures.

Her passion is teaching and sharing experience. Kathrin is a teaching professional with more than 25 years of teaching experience in universities and business schools around the world. In the last years she has focused on leadership, self-leadership and the development of consciousness.

As the vice-president for life-long learning of Heilbronn University (Germany) she introduced integrative approaches in work-based learning for part-time students. The innovative short-term leadership program “Pioneers of the 21st Century” of Vienna University of Economics and Business (Austria) is based on her 12 Alignments model and focuses on CORAFA qualities.

Adrian formeller

Dr. Adrian Kreppel


Adrian is a pioneer. He is convinced that the imaginable is doable. As a patent attorney, he has helped many of his clients to further develop their new technologies. As a trained computer scientist Adrian ventured into artificial intelligence already in the 1990s. He was fascinated by self-optimizing systems.

With his IT background, Adrian approaches the subject of learning in a programming way. The L-Loops, our learning approach, have analogies to recursions.

Adrian is a very sharp thinker who loves logic. He questions everything that seems to have a notion of inconsistency. This makes him a very honest and effective coach. He easily identifies others’ mental programs and can help them to go beyond their self-limitations. He is like a mirror with a striking difference – he talks and gives sometimes uncomfortable feedback.

Adrian thrives on unusual ways of thinking and acting. He can live this side without being arrested as an author of suspense stories. Currently, he works out of Tuscany, Italy.

Our Social Business Approach

Ashoka-founder Bill Drayton had the vision that everyone could and should be a change maker.

We are approaching this vision through education. We believe that sustainable change comes from inside. We believe that effective change is realized by individuals that are in full command of their capabilities, developed and strengthened by consciousness. We contribute to the development of change makers whom we call CORAFAs.

Our simple and effective method enables people to develop themselves in a self-empowered way. If they want to give back and increase impact in their communities, they can share their experience with us to help us further develop resources, or even become a Certified Formies Coach.

Our belief: No-one should be deprived from developing his or her consciousness due to financial constraints. Hence, our fees are related to the individual’s disposable income. To accelerate and expand global reach, we continually invest in online resources.

Our paradigm: Individual Social Responsibility

We believe that it’s ultimately the responsibility of every individual to invest time, effort and money in his or her self-development. We call it Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) and consider it as the basis for Corporate Social Responsibility.

“Numerous practitioners are longing for a simple approach, but find it difficult to implement. Why is this so? It requires deeper insights into the complex interrelatedness of any individual, corporation and society. Obtaining and living these insights is connected with the development of self-consciousness which seems to be a daunting task for many people. It takes courage and discipline to change mental models that have been adhered to since centuries. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ultimately is Individual Social Responsibility (ISR). It takes personal efforts to change one’s own values and habits. (…..) Given the fact that social responsibility lies in the realm of the individual, mainly the executives of a corporation,(….), these individuals have to develop their self-consciousness further in order to be socially responsible.”

Source: Köster, K. (2015): “Corporations and Corporate Social Performance – be genuine, simplify, or leave it…”

Do you want to join us?

A movement needs many leaders! We all benefit from a world influenced by self-aware individuals that are able and willing to make a difference. This is a great opportunity for volunteering.

If you share our passion to develop and leverage consciousness, and if you resonate with our approach, please contact us.

We invite like-minded and like-hearted people to join us:

As Consciousness Ambassadors in your region or country: You are responsible for local initiatives such as translation of education resources into local languages, customization of educational programs, pilot projects at universities or schools.

As Transformation Activators: You are responsible  to take over organizational responsibilities at the Joy Academy, such as creating and disseminating content over social media, planning and organizing events, developing online teaching resources, growing and co-ordinating the global community.

 As Core Inspirers: As a mature Master of Life, you are a member of the Joy Academy panel and share responsibility for the continuous development of the strategy and project portfolio.

As Consciousness Community Members: You are excited about discovering, developing and leveraging consciousness. You want to spread consciousness and share your experiences and excitement in form of stories and advise.

Consciousness Community Members

What’s the experience of your co-travellers?


Do you have a story to share?

  • What kind of insights do you have about your mental or emotional programming?
  • How did you get those insights?
  • How did your body guide you to insights into mental or emotional autopilots?

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