Joy AcademyJoy Academy

    by The Formies

    Her Highness Heart is the voice of your emotions.
    She reigns over your Land of Heart and is an extremely powerful character – we all know how emotions can be paralyzing on one hand and lift us straight to the CORE on the other.
    Think of emotions as vibrations or inaudible melodies that sweep over your body and mind. Each emotion has a certain tune. Depending on the loudness of that tune, Buddy Body reflects it by showing classical body language such as a smile, laughter, tears… However, many feelings exist below this bodily threshold, which means that we don’t notice them easily.
    Particularly in an organizational context, Her Highness Heart tends to hide away, as showing emotions is considered unprofessional. Sometimes Buddy Body seems to be the only one listening to the voice of Her Highness Heart. He tries to translate her language but since we don’t listen to him either, we don’t get it.
    On your journey Her Highness Heart becomes aware of the power of her emotions and uses them without being overwhelmed by them. Her biggest thrill is the discovery of the power of pure joy and love. She uses them like an energy booster for the entire team. Her specialty is creating positive feelings out of nothing.
    Her Highness Heart can be a feel-good wizard!
    The Formies
    About The Formies
    The Formies are your inner team. Mr Mind with his thoughts, Buddy Body with his physical sensations, Her Highness Heart with her emotions, and Conscious Me with her observations and guidance. Knowing them and making them collaborate means developing yourself towards the next level: a self-aware, balanced and autonomous individual.
    Her Highness Heart