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Consciousness Coaching

The Formies Coaches are your self-discovery partners. In your joint discovery sessions, their role is to

  • discover your inside with focus on unknown issues
  • clean up the issues by pattern recognition and letting go techniques
  • train you to identify your inner voices
  • make the voice of consciousness audible
  • explain and apply the tools introduced in the United States of You
  • add a fresh perspective
  • mirror and question your discoveries
  • be your ‘anchor man’ or ‚anchor woman’ to provide orientation and give encouragement

One-on-One Coaching       Group Coaching

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Consciousness Coaching

The Formies Coaches focus on developing your consciousness.

They support you to develop and leverage your consciousness by:

  • identifying your different inner voices and recognizing the voice of consciousness
  • explaining and applying the tools introduced in United States of You
  • adding a fresh perspective
  • helping you to clean up the issues you have identified
  • mirroring and questioning your discoveries
  • being your ‘anchor man’ or ‚anchor woman‘ to provide you orientation and encouragement

One-on-One Coaching

Group Coaching

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Who is a Certified Formies Coach?

All Formies coaches have experienced the content of the book and look back at a long self-exploration journey. They have all achieved stable contact with their CORE. Yet, they have different backgrounds and personalities. Have a look to find the right coach for your journey.


Kathrin Köster

As the creatrice of the Formies, she is very familiar with all of them. Her favorite Formie is Conscious Me.


Adrian Kreppel

He’s an expert of Mr Mind, and is very knowledgeable about the interrelations between Buddy Body and Her Highness Heart.


Zebib Ghile

She’s an expert of Mr Mind, especially cultures, and Her Highness Heart with focus on emotional and social intelligence.

Certified Formies Coach: Kathrin

Kathrin Köster

Kathrin developed and continuously improved the Formies-approach for building awareness, tested and refined in hundreds of one-on-one coaching sessions.

She is especially good at simplifying complexity and providing encouragement and energy.

If you want to intensify the process of awareness building, you can combine a coaching session with a CM Session. It is a method based on quantum entrainment, further developed by Kathrin to meet the requirements of the Formies approach. The purpose is to make the voice of Conscious Me audible if the coachee is not able (yet) to access his or her CORE. Kathrin does the translation, and the coachee interprets the message. It can be done virtually or face-to-face.

Coaching languages: English and German

Certified Formies Coach: Adrian

Adrian Kreppel

Adrian loves logic and self-experimentation. For years, Adrian has fought with deep and long-lasting depressions. He has managed to become balanced. He is leading a life he dreamt of as a teenager, and he is happy to support others to break free and create the reality they desire.

He serves his coachees as an anchor when they are drifting off. He also strengthens their courage to aim for the ’impossible’.

Coaching languages: English and German.

Certified Formies Coach: Zebib

Zebib Ghile

Zebib belongs to the worldwide group of Cultural Creatives. As a child of Eritrean parents, she was raised in Germany and is living now in Sweden. Her intercultural business studies helped her to understand her bi-cultural background and to integrate it in her work towards authenticity.

She has increased the speed of her journey during the last years and managed to take enormous steps of breaking free. She is happy to support all individuals who want to get rid of their self-imposed limitations and discover the positive power of feelings.

Coaching languages: English, German