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By The Formies

Buddy Body

Buddy Body is the voice of your body.
He is a strong and good-humoured guy who relishes the slightest attention. He is an expert in translating thoughts and feelings into something more tangible and resides in the Land of Body.
We are all familiar with classical body language such as body posture, facial expressions, gestures, interpersonal distance, body contact and eye contact. What we tend to neglect and suppress is a different form of bodily expression, namely tension, pain and even illness.
That’s the language Buddy Body mostly uses to communicate with us. His inner knowledge is totally underestimated and usually this poor guy is only heard when he turns up his volume. He often only gets our full attention when he becomes sick and no longer functions in the way he is supposed to.
Buddy Body is a great bridge between the mental, emotional and physical world. When he is healthy and taken care of, he can best fulfill this role and provide you with a wealth of information you can use during your self-exploration journey.

By The Formies

Mr Mind

Mr Mind is the voice of your Mind.

His language is thoughts, regardless of whether they are silent or spoken-out-loud. His chatty nature gives him a certain dominance (approx. 40,000 to 70,000 thoughts cross our mind every day!). He inhabits your Land of Mind.

Thinking that he is the only one who gets the big picture, Mr Mind wants to run the show. Indeed, he is very skilled in analysing situations, recognizing patterns and synthesizing new insights. Yet he is also pretty noisy, with all his thoughts overlaying the subtle voices of body and heart.

However, Mr Mind can also be turned into an awesome ally on your journey when you transcend his limiting thought patterns and actively use one of his wonderful qualities that drives us forward and gives us new experiences – curiosity.

He will use his analytical strength to analyse himself. You will see that he likes that. This analytical strength will be clearer and of great use to you on your onwards journey.
Mr Mind will help you understand Buddy Body and Her Highness Heart.


By The Formies

Conscious Me

Conscious Me is your consciousness and the ambassador of your CORE.

As your internal navigator, she coordinates the travel activities on your self-exploration journey.

She makes sure that you keep on travelling and don’t get lost in the lands you set out to explore.
She helps you become better acquainted with each of the three lands and establish cooperation between them.
During the journey, mind, body and heart stop competing with each other and begin a successful collaboration instead. Supported by Conscious Me, they establish respect and acknowledge each other’s needs.

The only caveat is that as soon as you have activated Conscious Me, she will
always be there. She will guide you towards inner clarity and relentlessly push you beyond borders to your CORE, whether you want a break or not.
She knows only one direction, getting closer to your CORE, the seat of your intuition.
This is where she feels happiest.

The result?
An individual who knows what he or she really wants to do.
An individual who’s fully aligned and integrated.
An individual who presents the United States of YOU at its best.

By The Formies

The Land of Heart

Over the last few centuries, the Western World, where societies are dominated by economy, has neglected the importance of the heart. Our schools and universities teach models based on Homo Economicus whose behavior is not influenced by emotions at all. It is a model based on pure reason assuming the superiority of the mind. We are educated to deny or ignore our emotions (in particular in the business context) for the sake of professionalism and efficiency.

Although we are all used to emotional ups and downs, we don’t appreciate that emotions can be systematically explored. In the same way that we are driven by a chatty mind, we tend to be victims of our emotions, which in turn are triggered by our environment.

Travelling through the Land of Heart means you become familiar with the entire spectrum of your emotions. You will learn to identify, explore and understand your emotional patterns, e.g. negative emotions, fears, needs, etc.. You will gain insights into what you really feel and how your emotions, thoughts and body interact.

There’s no shortcut around the Land of Heart. We must know it very well in order to understand ourselves and to establish a stable connection to our CORE.

A prerequisite of alignment, thus access to the CORE is a clear understanding of each land with its particularities and a harmonious cooperation between them. Hence, you have to bring inner balance to each land and establish a collaboration between their representatives, which you will meet shortly…

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Conscious Me
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